About the Seattle Good Business Directory

Seattle Good Business Network launched in 2010 with Think Local Seattle, a program that was both a citywide awareness campaign about why local matters, and a directory of Seattle’s local independent businesses. With a mission to connect and inspire people to buy, produce, and invest locally so that everyone has a meaningful stake in the local economy, Seattle Good’s programming now ranges from an idea lab for initiatives to create and expand economic opportunity, to Seattle Made, which supports urban manufacturers and producers, to the promotion of local food through our dining promotion, Seattle Restaurant Week, other food-systems events and initiatives

With this directory, we’ve come full circle,  reimagining Think Local Seattle and leveling up to recognize and celebrate all the GOOD local businesses and organizations do for our neighborhoods, our city, and our region. It’s part of a larger initiative to not only recognize GOOD stewardship of people and place, but to also help businesses and organizations with the resources they need to further their GOOD practices. Stay tuned for updates as we build out our Good Business Resource Center!