"True individual freedom cannot exist without economic security and independence."
Franklin D. Roosevelt
introducing his Second Bill of Rights in 1944

What Keeps You Up at Night?

Climate change? Growing income disparity? Disappearing neighborhood businesses? Your kids’ prospects for a healthy, prosperous future? Our current system concentrates wealth and power, and those entrenched interests generate political paralysis. We can’t wait for top-down solutions. We believe our best hope lies in a bottom-up reclaiming of our economies and communities, in Seattle and across the globe.

Imagine What's Possible.

All around us, entrepreneurs, innovators, farmers, investors, and citizens are re-imagining a locally owned, relationship-based economy, grounded in fairness, the uniqueness of our place, and a deep respect for our natural environment. Durable, meaningful jobs. Sustainability. And a very special place to call home. That is what resilience looks like.

Ownership Matters.

It turns out that how our economy operates can support and improve the well-being of our people and place, or undermine and degrade it. Study after study has shown that the more locally owned businesses per capita that a community has, the better off that place is on many of the other indicators of community health. The larger the share of transactions in our economy—buying, producing, investing—that involve a locally owned business, the more thriving, equitable, and resilient our economy and community can be.

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