• 1-3 sentences on your inspiration and/or goals as a mentor in the Circular Innovation Challenge 2021. What are you excited to bring to the participating finalists?
  • Max. file size: 64 MB.
  • Workshop Template

    The details of your workshop can be refined up until the actual date of your workshop.
  • Please identify a tentative date and time between 4/29 and 6/4, during the week and workday hours, so that we may block off on pitch finalists' calendars.
  • Example: Leading your packaging design with circular design
  • Examples: - Learning how to approach selection and sourcing of packaging materials - What are best practices in designing packaging and labels - Receive a template for defining who your consumer is and how to design your packaging with customer feedback
  • Please provide a tentative or final agenda that we can use to set schedules. Each workshop should be 60-90 minutes. If 60 minutes long, consider leaving the additional 30-minutes for Q&A from the Pitch Finalists.
  • Examples: - Complete template for workshop exercise - Bring your current template or idea of packaging design - Questions for the workshop host about how to source eco- labels
  • Max. file size: 64 MB.
    This can also be prepared and sent out closer to your workshop date
  • Office Hours

    Mentors will identify a weekly 1-hour block of time to dedicate to meeting with Pitch Finalists 1:1. Each drop in "office hour" will be coordinated by our team and be provided with a zoom link to use for virtual conferencing. We understand schedules can change and will be working with mentors and Pitch Finalists throughout the program to work around any conflicts!
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