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EnviroStars is a one-stop shop for Washington businesses to access environmental assistance and gain recognition for being green.

Through the program, businesses can receive free technical assistance, connect with rebates and resources, and follow a clear path to sustainability.

Protect the environment – Businesses are provided free tools and information to help protect the health of employees, customers, and the planet.

Be more efficient – EnviroStars connects you with resources to lower operation costs and reduce waste.

Attract new customers – All recognized businesses receive a toolkit to share their recognition with existing and new potential customers.

Get Recognized

Recognized businesses are listed in the Green Business Directory, communicating their environmental commitment to customers, employees and the local community.

Seattle Good Business Network members (Seattle Made, Northwest Sewn, Seattle Good, and other partners) are able to request a free, 30-minute consultation to learn more about the program and how it can benefit your business. You can also request to have your initial EnviroStars profile started for you so you can jump right into your personalized account and explore for yourself – without any commitment! Contact us here to start your prcofile!

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What Local Businesses Love about EnviroStars

"Rue Santé is a maker of organic, vegan, eco products. As a green beauty brand, sustainability is a key part of our company's values. The envirostars program has really helped us audit every area of our business to make sure we are being as environmentally-friendly as possible, not just with our products but in all areas of our operations, from our cleaning supplies, to lightbulbs and landscaping - every detail was considered. I was really impressed with the resources they have available to help businesses reduce their environmental footprint, implement more effective protocols and find cost reductions. I would recommend the EnviroStars program to all businesses."
"EnviroStars is a good certification and reinforcement of what we're doing. Having that certification shows people we're concerned about the environment."
"EnviroStars has been a fabulous way to get recognition for the wonderful environmentally friendly practices we already have in place and to push us to see what more we can do. After our inspection we made some repairs to our refrigerator that is saving us money and having a lower footprint - win win! We're hoping to receive the highest level of recognition next and appreciate the clear steps they've outlined to make that possible."
"As an organic tea manufacturer, sustainability, conservation, and waste reduction are core principles for Choice Organic Teas. EnviroStars has helped us to identify areas where we have already succeeded in reducing our environmental impact as well as enlightened us to city programs and grants to help us further our goals of waste reduction and energy conservation. It’s so important that businesses evaluate their impact on the environment and having EnviroStars as a free resource for Seattle businesses is invaluable."
"When I started my business, I did not realize how supportive of a community we have in Seattle. EnviroStars is a big part of pulling that together and connecting business owners to one another. As we all strive to be as environmentally and socially responsible as we can with our businesses, there are always challenges and this group has been a great space and forum for increasing my ability to embed sustainable growth into my business model."
"My advice to other small businesses is to start small but be ambitious. EnviroStars helps you get started and make a plan for long-term improvement."
Envirostars is "a tiered-list of action items that companies can follow depending on their current state of sustainability. [Their] options are easily adopted to different businesses. And selections include items that are out of the business's control (for example, things that are controlled by landlords for businesses that are leasing)."
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EnviroStars-Recognized Seattle Good Business Network Members

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