Keeping good food on plates and out of the landfill

Good Food Exchange is a free online marketplace operated by Seattle Good Business Network dedicated to keeping good food on plates and out of the landfill.

This platform creates a space for farms, distributors, and other organizations with surplus or recovered food to find recipients who can use it to its highest value. Food businesses and food security organizations alike can use this resource to find and share offers for edible, free or low-cost food which may have otherwise gone to waste.

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Good Food Exchange is a subgroup of Good Food Forum, an online community connecting food businesses and organizations serving Puget Sound. Joining Good Food Exchange will automatically sign you up for Good Food Forum. Learn more here.

Since September 2023, we have diverted over 1.7 million pounds of good food to food security organizations and businesses

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Our Partners

Lettuce Help Center

Lettuce Help Center is a food recovery and distribution hub operated by Cascadia Produce in partnership with Cedar Grove.

Combining the wholesale infrastructure and expertise of Cascadia Produce with the delivery capacity and food waste recycling services of Cedar Grove, Lettuce Help Center will serve to receive, store, and distribute recovered food recovered from retail distributors, farms, and food manufacturers, and compost what is unable to be used. 

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Over 1 million tons of food is wasted each year in Washington state. At least 35% of that food is edible.

Our Mission

We provide transparent and equitable access to low- or no-cost recovered food through an open online marketplace, diverting good food from the landfill, and paying farmers and producers for their food.

Good Food Exchange and Lettuce Help Center are collaborations of Seattle Good Business Network, Cascadia Produce, and Cedar Grove. This project is made possible thanks to funding through the Industrial Symbiosis Grant from the Washington State Department of Commerce.

You can learn more about sustainability for small businesses here!