Restaurants, bars, and cafes are the heart and the soul of any city. In Seattle, our community’s diversity, values, and spirit are expressed through the take-out counters, fine dining establishments, and late-night spots that unite us. This third place weaves the fabric of our city, nourishing not only us, but our relationships with each other, our community, and our economy. These are some of the stories of the people that make up these essential places.

Watch all videos and read further below for ways you can help support our independent restaurants.

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Jean Nakayama, President & Caretaker of Maneki

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Daisley, Gordon, Chef & Owner of Cafe Campagne

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Anu Apte, Owner of Rob Roy, Co-Owner of No Anchor, Navy Strength, and Vinnie’s Wine Shop

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Tess Thomas, Owner of Emma’s BBQ

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Osbaldo Hernandez, Co-Owner of Frelard Tamales

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Cote Soerens, Co-Owner of Resistencia Coffee

As the COVID-19 pandemic has devastated communities and economies around the world, our local restaurants, bars, and cafes have been doing their part to stem the spread of the virus by pivoting their operations and shuttering their doors as we all endure this unprecedented challenge. While we have reason for hope that we are nearing the end of this pandemic, we are acutely aware of how diligent we must remain to ensure we get there, and that the road to recovery will be long. We are asking our community to continue their vital support to see them through.

How can we help support our independent restaurants?

SPEND LIKE IT MATTERS. Every dollar you spend at our local restaurants, bars, and cafes helps them keep their doors open.

  • Purchase meals when you can — for yourself, or as a business, for team meetings and office celebrations.
  • Buy gift certificates, gift cards and merchandise directly, or through the Intentionalist Gift Certificate Marketplace. You can also purchase gift cards directly from participating Spring Seattle Restaurant Week venues on
  • Donate to Good Food Kitchens, a Seattle Good Business Network program that supports restaurant community kitchens providing free meals to those in need, including That Brown Girl Cooks!, Salare, Musang, Feed the People, and Project Feast.
  • Use the Restaurants at Home Map to find restaurants offering CSAs, pantry items, and prepare-at-home meals to stock your kitchens. You can also find restaurants who are operating community kitchens and donate directly.

ADVOCATE for policies that support small, independent businesses and protect workers. Learn more about the work that Seattle Restaurants United is doing to help members access resources, advocate for progressive policies that help members, and give our restaurant community a seat at the table. 

About our Partners

Seattle Good Business Network is a 501c3 nonprofit working to build an inclusive, sustainable, and vibrant local economy. Our Good Food Economy program connects and strengthens the local food pipeline to build a resilient, sustainable, and just local food economy. Campaigns and initiatives include Seattle Restaurant Week and Good Food Kitchens.

Seattle Restaurants United is a grassroots coalition of over 250 independent bars and restaurants. SRU helps members access resources, advocates for progressive policies that help our members, and gives our community a seat at the table.

Intentionalist is an online guide to intentional spending that supports small businesses and diverse local communities. We make it easy for you to find local restaurants, bars, gyms, shops, and more owned by women, people of color, veterans, LGBTQ, families, and differently abled people.

Tideway Creative is an independent Seattle production company dedicated to producing high-level photo & video marketing content for those making the world a better place to be. Our mission is to amplify stories of environmental & social impact; to inspire care and empathy for all people and our planet.

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