To expand and support quality and emergent, career and experiential learning pathways (internships, mentorships, and career-exposure opportunities) for under-resourced youth (low-income, BIPOC, refugee, immigrant, at-risk, homeless, and others).

How the program works

Leveraging our vast community of local business owners, entrepreneurs, manufacturers, and producers, we are the ‘match makers’ connecting young adults (16-24), from all backgrounds and levels of experience, to paid internships with local businesses.

  • No previous work experience is required
  • Interns must complete 150 hours
  • Interns are paid $16-17/hour
  • Employers are provided a stipend for hosting
  • Seattle Good Business Network facilitates match-making between intern and business making sure the best-possible fit
  • Roles vary based on needs and availability of the business (admin, accounting, inventory, warehouse, social media, baking, production, etc.)

Applications are now open through 10/30!


1. Apply

2. We set up a virtual, intro conversation to ‘meet’ you

3. We set you up with an interview with a business of your selection

4. Start your internship!


1. Apply to host

2. Get listed online

3. We set up a (virtual) intro conversation with Seattle Good Business Network

4. Interview with prospective intern

5. Start hosting your intern!

About the Program

Leveraging our vast community of local business owners, entrepreneurs, manufacturers, and producers, we are the ‘match makers’ connecting young adults (16-24), from all backgrounds and levels of experience, to paid internships with local businesses.

Our youth programming is founded on interagency collaboration, co-designed initiatives, and driving equitable opportunities.

These paid internships are made possible with support from Seattle King County’s Workforce Development Council, Seattle’s Office of Economic Development, and all of our Seattle Good members from across our communities.

Read more below to learn about the program, our participants, and how you can get involved! Contact us if with any questions!

  • Interns are paid an hourly rate of $17/hour.
  • Participating interns will be able to: access financial literacy trainings; professional development training (resume-writing, interview training, etc.) build connections; explore Race & Social Justice communication tactics in the workplace; gain unique work experience in the local sector. 
  • Opportunities are available on a rolling basis for 2021-2022 cohorts. Check out the opportunities here! Interns are matched with a local business from Seattle Good Business Network, after a series of two interviews.
  • Each internship requires the completion of 150 hours. Weekly schedules are flexible and determined by each business host/intern.
  • The opportunity is open to 16-24 year olds in the Seattle area. 
  • In collaboration with the business host, each intern will help to draft a work plan and timeline to follow during the 150-hour internship and set expectations from the outset with the intern. (Assistance will be provided by the SGBN Program Manager).
  • Interns must attend virtual, monthly check in calls with Program Manager, complete three surveys throughout the internship, and attend two online Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion trainings/workshops with their intern hosts.
  • Intern hourly wages are paid by Seattle Good Business Network through grant funding.
  • Eligible hosts will be Seattle Good Business Network members. Not a member yet? Learn more and apply here for free.
  • Intern hosts/employers are provided a stipend to cover training and overhead costs.
  • Eligible businesses will agree to have the prospective roles they submit to be posted here for prospective interns to check out.
  • Businesses are matched with a prospective intern on a rolling basis, based on interests, skillsets, and a final interview conducted by the business.
  • Supervisors must attend virtual, monthly check in calls with Program Manager, complete three surveys throughout the internship, and attend two online Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion trainings/workshops with their intern.
  • In collaboration with the intern, supervisors must draft a work plan and timeline to follow during the 150-hour internship and set expectations from the outset with the intern. (Assistance will be provided by the SGBN Program Manager).

Meet interns and their business hosts!

Big thanks to our 2020 internship cohorts and a warm welcome to our 2021 interns! Applicants are matched with local Seattle businesses and given the opportunity to build tangible skills and explore personal career inspiration. We also thank our Seattle Good Business Network members who have been dedicated to providing meaningful mentorships and internships to local youth and jumpstarting their career exploration and pathway development.

2021 Intern Cohort

ingrain furniture internship

Woodworking intern

I enjoy learning about different cultures and how people design their living space or daily routine around it. I hope to learn more about wood working and be more hands on. Also excited to work with more machinery that will allow me to cut down restraints on many of my projects.

qiyi wu, she/her, 22

david smith, owner ingrain furniture

Walnut & Oak Internship

Design Assistant

For this internship I would love to learn new programs and CAD. This would allow me to become a better rounded designer and grow more familiar with the industrial design field.

Andrea Gonzalez, 21, she/her

"We have had interns in the past and found the experience to be both enjoyable and valuable. They bring energy and fresh perspective."

John Borofka, Owner Walnut & Oak

Two Sisters EcoTextiles Internship

Accounting Assistant

I have an interest in both environmental sustainability and accounting. By becoming an accounting intern at a business that emphasizes sustainability, I get to incorporate these two seemingly different interests. I am excited to begin this journey of mine and gain valuable learning experience!

Nga Tran, 18, she/her

"The recipe to turn an internship into a win for both Nga and the business. Nga is especially interested in environmental accounting so she will be researching it, and presenting how it can apply to us and help us implement same."

Patty Grossman, Co-Owner Two Sisters EcoTextiles

The Works Seattle Internship

Production Assistant

To me local economy are all the small business and shops that are within our community and how the people who live within it interact with them. I hope to gain an understanding of what exactly goes into running your own business! I hope some of their entrepreneurial spirit rubs off on me!

aniya beck, 20, she/her

"What inspired me is the opportunity to mentor a young adult and expose them to the various facets of small business ownership & operation. Having an extra set of hands without the payroll burden is nice during this time too."

Kellie Phelan, Owner The Works Seattle

Feed The People Seattle Internship

Digital Marketing Intern

The specific skills that I hope to gain is marketing skills and some of the strengths that I wish to grow is communication skills.

Ananya Bakshi, 17, she/her

"I have been working with youth for a little over 20 years and have always applauded the idea of job opportunities for our youth. I would like to see our internship become a staple as part of our brand creating a new pipeline in youth entrepreneurship

Chef Tarik Abdullah, Feed The People Seattle

Herloom internship

Production Assistant

From this internship I hope to gain better freelance workplace social skills, dynamics, and expectations. I hope to grow in my teamwork and leadership skills behind the camera and desk.

Hailey Bunn, she/her, 20

"Creativity comes from diversity. And the power of apprenticeship to inspire co-creation. A successful internship encompasses shared experiences and learning new skills to realize vision for intern and company."

Donna Thornes, Founder Herloom

2020 Intern Cohort

The Seattle Barkery Internship

production Assistant

This internship was my first time having a real job experience and first time earning money. I learned working skills as I learned to complete given tasks and had try to do customer service.

Kenneth Tran, 17, he/him

Hosting an intern, led us to realize what we needed for our business! Our intern was so valuable to us that we have made it a permanent position going forward, creating another job!


Molly Ray Parfums Internship

Digital Marketing Assistant

I enjoy having a physical workspace and working with someone so dedicated to making my goals come to fruition.

Adilia Watson, 21, she/her

I can say that a valuable part of having an intern is that it pushes you as a business owner to look at your brand and business through a different lens. That's super important this year in particular!

Molly Ray, Founder/Designer

French girl internship

Operations Assistant

I enjoy most the great people I work with, it's a good work environment. I definitely learned how to be more social thanks to my co-workers!

jasmine navarro, 17, she/her

The internship program is a benefit for both the intern and the host. As the host, FRENCH GIRL was happy to have Jasmine join the team. She has been an excellent employee during her short time with us: she's interested in the business itself and is always willing to do whatever task is assigned to her. We are grateful to both Seattle Good and Juma Ventures for making this internship possible.


Prairie Underground Internship

Production Assistant

I enjoyed earning wages as well as the management. I learned how to steam and fold clothes in a proper way.

Amina Mohamud, 17, she/her

Hosting an intern through this program helped my business create an ethical structure for internships that include day to day tasks alongside behind the scenes learning objectives.

Davora Lindner, Co-Founder/Creative Director, Prairie Underground

rue Santé Internship

Social Media and Research Assistant

I learned a lot about manufacturing, how to handle professional conversations with international companies, and how to properly manage my responsibilities.

Anishta Kathireson, 18, she/her

I’m so grateful for the Seattle Good Business Network. It has really made a difference for us at a time when our resources were incredibly tight due to Covid. Our intern, Anishta, was incredibly helpful and eager to learn. She was able to take on some major projects, like researching sustainable dispensing options, updating our research links and helping with our social media. It is very rewarding to mentor youth because the learning is happening on both sides.

Elizabeth Lopez, Founder/Owner, rue santé

Bucha belly internship

*illustration created by Dakota.

Production Assistant Intern

I enjoyed learning about entrepreneurship and kombucha production through my internship.

Dakota Nguyen, 18, she/they

Hosting an intern through this program helped my business because I was able to reduce my personal workload, giving me time to develop a training program that makes it easier to bring on new interns and employees in the future.

Ryan Strandin, Co-Founder, Bucha Belly

Pot Pie Factory Internship


Production Assistant

Yousra is a local high school student who is interested in the small business world with keen skills in communications and customer service. She is starting an internship position with Pot Pie Factory, a Seattle Good Business Network member!

Yousra Kemal, 17, she/her

The extra hands are so helpful to catch up with inventory needs. Plus it's really nice working with an all female team.

Logan niles, ceo/flour-whisperer, Pot Pie factory

Frequently Asked Questions

Internships are open to 16-24 year olds in the Greater Seattle area. Though anyone can apply, we prioritize young people from underrepresented and underserved backgrounds (e.g., low-income, BIPOC, POC, refugee, immigrant, and more). 

Any local Seattle business open to hosting local youth/students looking for career exposure and entrepreneurial learning opportunities. Anyone can apply, but we prioritize Seattle Good Business Network members – learn more about our programming and join for free here!

Yes, each intern’s hourly wages for 150 hours are covered by Seattle Good Business Network’s grant funding. Interns are currently paid $17/hour.  

Seattle Good Business Network prioritizes the health of all participants and asks that all internships follow COVID-19 restrictions and accommodations to ensure everyone’s safety. While we prioritize at-place internship opportunities, depending on the business host’s current regulations, internships can be held virtually, in-person, or a combination of both.

Thank you to our program sponsors!

Thank you to our community partners!