2021 Intern Cohort

ingrain furniture - Woodworking

I enjoy learning about different cultures and how people design their living space or daily routine around it. I hope to learn more about wood working and be more hands on. Also excited to work with more machinery that will allow me to cut down restraints on many of my projects.

Walnut & Oak Internship - Design

For this internship I would love to learn new programs and CAD. This would allow me to become a better rounded designer and grow more familiar with the industrial design field.

"We have had interns in the past and found the experience to be both enjoyable and valuable. They bring energy and fresh perspective."

Two Sisters EcoTextiles - Accounting

I have an interest in both environmental sustainability and accounting. By becoming an accounting intern at a business that emphasizes sustainability, I get to incorporate these two seemingly different interests. I am excited to begin this journey of mine and gain valuable learning experience!

"The recipe to turn an internship into a win for both Nga and the business. Nga is especially interested in environmental accounting so she will be researching it, and presenting how it can apply to us and help us implement same."

The Works Seattle - Production

Production Assistant

To me local economy are all the small business and shops that are within our community and how the people who live within it interact with them. I hope to gain an understanding of what exactly goes into running your own business! I hope some of their entrepreneurial spirit rubs off on me!

"What inspired me is the opportunity to mentor a young adult and expose them to the various facets of small business ownership & operation. Having an extra set of hands without the payroll burden is nice during this time too."

Feed The People Seattle - Digital marketing

The specific skills that I hope to gain is marketing skills and some of the strengths that I wish to grow is communication skills.

"I have been working with youth for a little over 20 years and have always applauded the idea of job opportunities for our youth. I would like to see our internship become a staple as part of our brand creating a new pipeline in youth entrepreneurship

Herloom - Production

From this internship I hope to gain better freelance workplace social skills, dynamics, and expectations. I hope to grow in my teamwork and leadership skills behind the camera and desk.

"Creativity comes from diversity. And the power of apprenticeship to inspire co-creation. A successful internship encompasses shared experiences and learning new skills to realize vision for intern and company."

Thank you to our community partners!

Thank you to our program sponsors!