LearningLab Zero Waste and CE 4_14

Learning Lab Description

This Learning Lab Session was hosted on Wednesday, April 14, 2021 10-11am: Resiliency is the New Normal: Using Zero Waste and Circular Economy Principles to Manage Risk and Drive Innovation for your business!

Guest Hosts: 

Behnosh Najafi | Foudner and Prinicpal of Circular by Design 

Moji Igun | Founder of Blue Daisi Consulting

About this learning lab:

Extreme events, including the COVID pandemic and severe weather disruptions, have brought renewed attention to the importance of building business resilience. In this workshop, you will learn how to successfully “build back better” by integrating zero waste and circular economy principles into your product or service offerings, business model, or business eco-systems. You will draw inspiration from case studies that highlight the possibilities for your own business and create tangible next steps through a guided workshop exercise. Join Behnosh Najafi from Circular by Design and Moji Igun from Blue Daisi Consulting to take in powerful lessons learned from zero waste and circular economy strategies.

Learning Lab Highlights & Suggested Resources

Find the Learning Lab recording here.

Circular Business Canvas (below)

Free, Zero Waste Guide from Blue Daisi Consulting

About the guest hosts: 

Behnosh Najafi | Circular By Design

In her role as Founder and Principal of Circular by Design, Behnosh Najafi supports organizational and business efforts to drive positive growth, resiliency, innovation, and sustainability through the adaptation of circular and regenerative economy principles. As a certified Circulab consultant, she is part of an interdisciplinary global network of consultants that are helping to drive circular economy into the mainstream. Behnosh also brings her decade of experience as a design researcher and strategist in the Seattle area to her client engagements to balance business, environmental,  and consumer goals. Having had a range of clients and complex problems to solve, Behnosh enjoys working through unchartered territory, and believes that design thinking and methodologies offer a robust toolkit for anyone seeking to make a positive impact in our increasingly complex world.

Moji Igun | Blue Daisi Consulting

Moji Igun is the founder of Blue Daisi Consulting which offers zero waste + sustainability consulting services to small and mid-sized businesses. She supports her clients in reducing waste by helping them find creative ways to keep trash out of the landfill. Moji is certified as a TRUE Zero Waste Advisor and enjoys drawing connections between zero waste and the broader spectrum of sustainability. She also serves on the Board of Directors for Zero Waste Washington.