Learning Lab Description

This Learning Lab Session was hosted on Thursday, April 22, 2021 10-11am


About this learning lab:

Learn the step-by-step instructions to generate QR codes for your business and turn your window display into a sales driver that finally puts the “shopping” in window shopping. Forged out of a pandemic pivot, this new retail concept of Literal Window Shopping creates the bridge between the in-person and e-commerce experiences. An option to safely shop local for those reluctant to return to in-store retail.

Co-Creator of The Scan to Shop Solution will share insights on how to best use this invaluable tool. Discover how these little pixelated squares will help capture leads, offer social distance shopping, facilitate contactless checkout, and convert window shopping into actual sales 24/7. It’s the next evolution in retail. Join the movement for #literalwindowshopping.

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Guest Host: 

Co-Author/Co-Creator of The Scan to Shop Solution, Alexa Allamano is also the owner of $1M+ handmade jewelry brand, Foamy Wader. Her multi-faceted approach and lived experience juggling a retail storefront, e-commerce site, wholesale partnerships, and pop-up events equipped her with the knowledge to innovate this new way to window shop. While not something she ever expected to write, Allamano has created this resource with the singular goal of helping small businesses thrive.