Learning Lab Description

This Learning Lab Session was hosted on Wednesday, June 3, 2020
A customer’s post-purchase experience can define your brand, for better or worse. How long it took to arrive and if it all made it in one piece will decide whether or not they buy again. We will talk about the customer experience, what to consider when shipping, how to effectively communicate expectations to your customers, and more!

Learning Lab Highlights & Suggested Resources

Packaging/Unboxing Experience: 
Sendle – sustainable shipping packaging
Noissue – sustainable tissue paper 
Better Packaging – variety of compostable packaging and labels 

Boutique packaging/ WOC owned based out of SF – custom packaging design firm
Compostable Labels
EcoClose  – packaging filler
Expandos – packaging filler

Shipping policies/return examples: 
Questions about Sendle
Reach out to Jenn Magofña
Sendle |  moc.eldnes@nnej 
Additional Shipping Partners 

UPS – Willy Khampradith: wkhampradmoc.spu@hti

2019 Pulse of Online Shopper – report provided by UPS