Learning Lab Description

This Learning Lab Session was hosted on Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Cash flow management is vital to all companies, big and small. Establishing good cash flow forecasting practices provides you with clarity into your money and lets you stay ahead of the game. In this learning lab, you will learn the playbook for managing cash flow forecasting. We will discuss what you can do right now to take control and gain clarity about your cash position today and tomorrow.
About the guest host:
Kristine Nguyen is an accountant and founder of Pretty Books Accounting, where she and her team oversee financial management, providing services such as bookkeeping, accounting, back office management, financial modeling, and cash flow management for companies big and small. She enjoys working with small businesses and exploring different tools and technology to create efficiency and transparency in business operations. Furthermore, she likes being involved in the community and especially meeting new people!

Learning Lab Highlights & Suggested Resources

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