Past Labs & On-Demand Sessions

Microenterprise Sessions with WSMA

We’ve teamed up with WSMA to provide the below free sessions around common questions for small businesses. Session include Commercial Leasing workshop, No HR? No Problem, and 10 Ways to Incorporate Sustainability and Authenticity into Your Marketing.

Funding provided by the Washington State Microenterprise Association thanks to a grant made by the Washington State Department of Commerce.

Guest Host: Susanna Tran, Broker at West Coast Commercial Realty

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Are you a business owner that would like to locate a commercial property for a retail storefront or production space? This workshop will offer you a 101 session on commercial leasing and will answer questions such as:

  • How do you find and work with a commercial broker to support you in your search?
  • Do you need to pay a commercial broker? (The answer is no in most cases!)
  • What does the term triple net lease mean?
  • What do I need to have pulled together for financials to secure a commercial lease?
  • How can I show my business in the best light to a potential property owner?

Guest Host: Monica Colgan, SHRM-SCP of Launch Industries

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Most microenterprise businesses don’t have dedicated HR staff, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create a great environment for employees.

This 90-minute learning session demystifies the entire “Employee Life Cycle,” from recruiting to onboarding, to orientation and training, to performance management, promotions, and termination.

Guest Host: Michelle Miller of Minty Made and The Green Marketing Academy

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This online workshop offered an overview of how businesses can incorporate sustainability into their marketing strategy without investing thousands of dollars.

It included tips for being more transparent and authentic in your messaging to avoid greenwashing and strategies to ensure that your marketing is accessible and inclusive.


Square On-Demand Sessions for Your Business

Do you want to get started with Square – or learn more about how to optimize all the tools the platform has available? We’ve teamed up with Square to offer a series of three on-demand sessions, each focused on a different industry: restaurant, retail, or service.

Guest Host: Martin Guerrero, Square eCommerce Specialist

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Ordering online seems like it is more important than ever to many customers. Join Square eCommerce specialist Martin Guerrero to walk you through how to launch your own fully functional Square Online ordering site that enables restaurants to use Curbside Pickup, Delivery, and Tipping capabilities.

Guest Host: Martin Guerrero, Square eCommerce Specialist

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Join Square eCommerce specialist Martin Guerrero to walk you through how to build an online shopping page for your retail business using Square Online. Leaving the webinar, you’ll be able to create a fully functional website with Curbside Pickup & Shipping capabilities on your own.

Guest Host: Martin Guerrero, Square eCommerce Specialist

Watch the recording on-demand.

Join Square eCommerce specialist Martin Guerrero to walk you through how to build an online presence for your Service business using Square Online. Leaving the webinar you’ll be able to create a fully functional website incorporating Appointments, Loyalty, and GiftCards all on your own.

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More Learning Labs from Seattle Good

Guest Host: Henry Walters and Miriam Hinden of Atelier Drome

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Finding the ideal space for your business doesn’t need to feel overwhelming! Join Henry Walters and Miriam Hinden from Atelier Drome in this insightful webinar as they guide you through assessing a space’s feasibility to accommodate your vision before making any financial or time commitments.

Learn to identify the possibilities and limitations of prospective properties to evaluate whether a space can be used as-is, require renovations, or simply won’t work. This webinar will help you feel confident as a business owner and save you time and energy, allowing you to concentrate on your top priority – your business.

Guest Host: Alexa Allamano, Co-Creator of The Scan to Shop Solution and owner of Foamy Wader

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Learn the step-by-step instructions to generate QR codes for your business and turn your window display into a sales driver that finally puts the “shopping” in window shopping. Forged out of a pandemic pivot, this new retail concept of Literal Window Shopping creates the bridge between the in-person and e-commerce experiences. An option to safely shop local for those reluctant to return to in-store retail.

Co-Creator of The Scan to Shop Solution will share insights on how to best use this invaluable tool. Discover how these little pixelated squares will help capture leads, offer social distance shopping, facilitate contactless checkout, and convert window shopping into actual sales 24/7. It’s the next evolution in retail. Join the movement for #literalwindowshopping.

Guest Hosts:
Behnosh Najafi | Founder and Prinicpal of Circular by Design 
Moji Igun | Founder of Blue Daisi Consulting

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Extreme events, including the COVID pandemic and severe weather disruptions, have brought renewed attention to the importance of building business resilience. In this workshop, you will learn how to successfully “build back better” by integrating zero waste and circular economy principles into your product or service offerings, business model, or business eco-systems. You will draw inspiration from case studies that highlight the possibilities for your own business and create tangible next steps through a guided workshop exercise. Join Behnosh Najafi from Circular by Design and Moji Igun from Blue Daisi Consulting to take in powerful lessons learned from zero waste and circular economy strategies.

Guest Host: Stew Hang, Owner of Surf Rider Media 
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96% of small businesses advertise using Facebook. In doing so, they miss out on opportunities to target valuable audiences, avoid an increasingly toxic online platform, and deliver their message at the right time and place for a user to interact. This event will show you how you can easily locate and advertise on the platforms that will deliver the best results!

Guest Host: Jared Englington, BECU Financial Advisor, LPL Financial

Setting up a retirement plan may be easier and more affordable than you think. Jared Eglington, MBA, Financial Advisor, LPL Financial offered retirement planning options and considerations for businesses with 2-20+ employees.

For those who missed the session and would like retirement planning support please reach out to Jared directly at 206.805.5543 |  gro.uceb@notgnilge.deraj.

Guest Host: Chris Guillot, Founder and Retail Consultant of Merchant Method

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Replacing a lost sales channel means changing where, how, and when you interact with customers. In this two-part workshop, you’ll learn the secrets of successful live stream selling, studio tours, and behind-the-scenes videos — even if you’re terrified to show up on camera. Gain insight on little-known skills, tips, and tech requirements that will help you make better use of social media selling. Session two will continue with reviews of live events conducted by participants from session one. 

Guest Host: Katie Secrist | Consultant and Director of Strategic Partnerships at Sustainable Business Consulting

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With nearly 3,500 certified companies around the globe, B Corp has proven to be one of the most robust and comprehensive sustainability reporting frameworks to aspire to. While formal certification may be unattainable for some organizations, any company can use the B Corp framework to manage and improve their environmental and social impact to be ‘like’ a B Corp. Join us for a how-to webinar on leveraging the B Corp framework and letting it do the hard work for you!

Guest Host: Kristine Nguyen | Founder of Pretty Books Accounting

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Cash flow management is vital to all companies, big and small. Establishing good cash flow forecasting practices provides you with clarity into your money and lets you stay ahead of the game. In this learning lab, you will learn the playbook for managing cash flow forecasting. We will discuss what you can do right now to take control and gain clarity about your cash position today and tomorrow.

Guest Host: Yolanda Saito | Co-CEO & Director, Partnerships & Innovation of Impacti

As a Seattle-based business, you’re likely already taking action to address some of the world’s most pressing challenges – whether by adopting circular models, supporting small producers or limiting your carbon footprint. Now it’s time to share your impact story and connect with a global community. Impacti is an all-in-one-platform that uses the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to help you track and report on how your local actions are making a real impact in your communities and globally. Join us for a how-to webinar and learn how easy it can be to use our digital tools to tell your story.

Guest Host: 
Whitney Moore, SGBN Social Media Manager

In this Learning Lab, we’ll discuss how to use social media to most effectively drive direct sales, how to promote your business without sounding like a broken record and how to create a meaningful social media content strategy. Looking to take social engagement to the next level? We’ll cover six free Apps to improve engagement across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. 

Guest Host: Carolyn Parrs,  CEO and Founder of Mind Over Markets
The market for sustainable goods currently sits at $2.65 trillion with another “$1 trillion in market opportunity for brands that can communicate their sustainability attributes well”, according to a Unilever report. This Learning Lab will cover market and consumer trends and best strategies for small businesses to adopt in marketing their sustainable products or services. This presentation is designed for business owners that are either actively integrating sustainability communications into their business strategy or just getting started. Attendees will walk away with both new insights and proven strategies they can take back to their teams for immediate implementation.
Guest Host: Jennifer Magofña, Community Manager at Sendle

A customer’s post-purchase experience can define your brand, for better or worse. How long it took to arrive and if it all made it in one piece will decide whether or not they buy again. We will talk about the customer experience, what to consider when shipping, how to effectively communicate expectations to your customers, and more!
Guest Host: Arianne Foulks of Aeolidia
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Your business needs to pivot right now, to be positioned for growth as the world changes. Particularly if you’ve relied on in-person or wholesale sales, the current stay at home orders are making it clear that having a well-oiled ecommerce site is vital. We will talk about the importance of having an online shop, why we prefer Shopify above all other platforms, and then spend the bulk of our time answering your questions about getting online, improving your existing online shop, and getting traffic to your site.
Many companies are making difficult decisions about their budgets and are adjusting their brand’s messaging to reflect the times. In this session, we’ll talked about how businesses can craft their message to offer empathy and understanding, short-term and long-term marketing strategies companies should consider, how to talk to your customers about the challenges you are facing as a small business, and more.