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I help you think outside the box to get something into the box

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I  offer on-site and virtual organizing services. I’m current on all COVID vaccines and boosters.

Native New York City kid with deep Southern roots.
Generalist whose youngest 1-on-1 client was five.
Several clients, 80-years-young or more.
A small sample of my clients are doctors, small-plot farmers, teachers, bankers, airline personnel, housewives, retired, veterans, artists, craftsmen, parents, grandparents, widows, divorced, single, couples.
I’m openly bisexual and familiar with and comfortable in the leather community.
I like cats, dogs and more exotic pets!
I work around pests!  (Yes, I calmly brush spiders out of my hair.)

When you need help organizing, most often you just need help discovering what systems will work for you. I can guide you to that discovery and through to a completed project.

Many of my clients lack skills to structure their surroundings. They weren’t always taught how to organize, or they were taught ways which don’t actually work for them.
Maybe they have the ability and knowledge but they can’t find a starting point or prefer company while they create their systems, or can’t find the tools they need.
A person’s lack of time management skills can contribute to their disorganization: we’ll look at time-keeping techniques.
Sentimentality and fear can get in the way of decisions. We can talk about that.
A person’s anxiety about the process can contribute to their disorganization – let’s see what might help.
Grief can be disruptive. Illness can damage processes. Personal circumstances such as a divorce, a sudden move, a change of jobs, can upend systems.

Lauren Williams, Casual Uncluttering LLC interview on The SOS Show with James Lott Jr.
Please listen in to this free-roaming exchange about my training, my emotional connection to the Professional Organizing industry, my clients, and much more.

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