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Circular by Design is a consulting agency that provides tailored workshops and design research activities for businesses and organizations wishing to transition to “circular” business operations, business model or to launch circular ventures.  “Circular” activities and the circular economy is one that keeps materials in highest use, for the longest period of time and balances these environmental efforts with business and social equity goals.

We work closely with our clients in identifying the right circular market solutions, creating a larger eco-system of actors to support those solutions, and implementing the changes needed internally to actualize the market offering. We can also assist with the validation and refinement of circular products or services using traditional human-centered and service design methodologies that center the voice of the end-user.  Circular by Design works with an international network of circular economy specialists, to bring in various domain expertise needed on a project-by-project basis.


consulting services, business development, circular economy, environment, CSR, design research, UX research, service design

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