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Common Matter provides graphic design services, specializing in thoughtful brand identity and sustainable design.

Responsibility: I work closely with my clients to bring the soul of their brand to life while reducing the impact on people and planet. Since sustainability lives on a spectrum, we start by exploring how that might look for the project at hand, from the ideal to the feasible.

Design: I prioritize cohesive work across all mediums so customers are able to recognize the brand at a glance while getting the information they need. I also enjoy a good puzzle, especially when creating identity systems and catalog layouts.

  • brand identity:
    • research and strategy
    • logo design
    • color palette and typography
    • supporting graphics
    • brand guidelines
  • print:
    • business cards
    • stationery
    • brochures
    • catalogs
    • signage
    • packaging
  • strategy:
    • consult and brainstorm product ideas
    • develop and direct cohesive product lines
    • keep product development on-brand

Learn More: Our first exploratory meeting is free for fellow Seattle Good directory members, so reach out to see how I might help your brand grow its impact with a fitting identity.

Visit to read more about my services or message me if you’re ready to jump right in and get talking.


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