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As an inveterate asker of questions and a dedicated learner, Diane uses all of her life experience as sources for understanding and growth. Diane believes that eating well, eating delicious, healthy food should be a life choice, not a diet. In her Seattle community, this perspective is manifested in her focus on local producers and people; she shops, uses and promotes local products and ingredients. She also commits many hours to teaching free cooking classes for low income seniors at the nearby Pike Place Market.

In her Kitchen, she brings all of this learning, literally and figuratively, to her “table.” Her goals include helping individuals to manage their resources, to understand the implications of their choices, to be able to prepare and share healthy food, and to create lives with greater health and well-being. Her kitchen is a reflection of the things she values most: sharing, knowledge, curiosity, comfort, integrity, humor, the gifts of talents and skills of the people she loves, and joy.



cooking school, locally produced ingredients, health and wellness, passion, education, conscious consumerism

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