GeerGarage is an outdoor gear rental marketplace.

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GeerGarage is an outdoor gear rental marketplace that quickly matches renters with lenders who have the right gear, available in the right place, at the right time. Gear is expensive and sits unused around America. We take that gear off the shelf and put it back in the wild.

Buying outdoor gear is expensive. It can cost as much as $1,000 to purchase gear for a backpacking trip. It is hard to justify this cost for a hobby unless you are a frequent participant with a lot of disposable income. This financial barrier to participation disproportionately affects marginalized and overburdened communities. GeerGarage provides a convenient, affordable alternative to purchasing new gear. Additionally, those who already own outdoor equipment can recoup the cost of their purchases and make money by being lenders on GeerGarage. Businesses whose mission includes a commitment to civic responsibility are the future and GeerGarage falls squarely within this community.

Most outdoor gear sits unused in garages and eventually end up in landfills. It takes 80 suppliers to make a single tent that might get used a couple of times a year. Renting and lending equipment that is already available in the community decreases the impact of over-manufacturing, reduces waste dumped into the landfill and helps create a more sustainable and environmentally responsible economy. Circular businesses benefiting the environment are the future and GeerGarage falls squarely within this fast-growing community.


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