Honey Girl Books and Gifts LLC

Local producer of artsy quilts, Luxury Troll Boudoirs, and original children's books

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Locally Owned & Independent
Ethical Sourcing
Circular Economy
Community Giving
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“We specialize in cozy, with an edge…”

Honey Girl Books and Gifts features heirloom-quality products that tell our stories and yours in three lines:

1. Original quilts, each with a vintage touch. Favorites include Seattle Quilts, Alice in Wonderland, and Respect Quilts.

2. Illustrated story books, each with a humanitarian message drawn from history

3. Toys made from repurposed materials: “Luxury Troll Boudoirs”


quilts, children's books, toys, blankets, wall-hangings, art, political art, Seattle souvenirs, vintage, recycled, trolls

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