Humanize Wealth

Wealth management for people who value social impact, environmental justice, and shared prosperity.

The Good Stuff

Locally Owned & Independent
Diverse Ownership

Humanize Wealth clients are committed to using the power of their wealth to promote the well being of their families, communities and the planet. Our integrated offering combines detailed financial planning, thoughtful investment management and the opportunity to engage with community.

If you’re passionate about using your wealth to drive better corporate practices, help dismantle systems of racism and oppression in your region or invest in global climate solutions, we are here to help. Humanize Wealth has the experience, skills and resources to support you in pursuing meaningful outcomes every step of the way.

Humanize Wealth is a “fee only” advisor and a fiduciary. This means we have a duty to make all financial recommendations and decisions in the best interest of our clients rather than for our own benefit.

If what we do resonates, we’d love to have an exploratory conversation to learn about you, your “why?”and how we might partner to humanize your wealth.


wealth management, financial planning, impact investing, portfolio management, ESG investing, values-based investing, community investing

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