Inner Renewal and the Healthy Path

Restoring Health, Vitality, and Balance from the Inside Out.

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Locally Owned & Independent
Ethical Sourcing
Community Giving
Diverse Ownership

Inner Renewal and the Healthy Path is an acupuncture and herbal medicine clinic where internal health is supported and enhanced by natural, non-pharmaceutical medical strategies informed by the deep wisdom of classical East Asian medicine. Inderjeet listens carefully to your personal experience and to your body’s reflection by pulse and tongue diagnosis. This provides her with information to craft a treatment designed to meet your specific needs. Inderjeet is honored to deliver effective healing experiences in the tradition that countless doctors have provided to patients for thousands of years. She is driven by her passion to move people to a more vibrant state of health and overall wellness. Her goal is for you to stay well.


acupuncture, fertility, menopause, allergies, herbal medicine, immune support, pmdd

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