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A few years ago, I looked to replace a suede hot pad I received years earlier for a wedding present. I’d used that hot pad for over ten years and loved it! Since nothing in the market seemed quite right, I decided to make one myself. After months of designing and sewing, I finally achieved the perfect fit and feel. I called it the Suede Oven Mitt, and it was my first product for Jane Domestic.

The gold criss cross mark on the front of the Mitt is the Jane Domestic logo: it’s the simple mark you make with a fork on peanut butter cookies, my first job cooking in the kitchen with my mom. The Mitt, however, was just the beginning of my kitchen tools brand, Jane Domestic. I then set out to make other higher quality items with more of an heirloom feel. Designed for years of use and expertly constructed, my products will not only look beautiful and do their job well, they’ll also stand the test of time.


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