Lighthouse Listening

Professional listening services by a real human being.

The Good Stuff

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Need to talk? Try something different with professional listening. Lighthouse Listening is your dedicated space to be heard with compassion, open-mindedness, and privacy.

People look to professional listening to:

  • Feel less burdened by worries and anxieties 
  • Be witnessed in a moment of pain or grief
  • Brainstorm ideas or dreams with a safe audience
  • Share good news or joys
  • Reconnect on a social level with a real human being
  • Feel less alone 
  • Feel understood
  • Gift a session to a friend or loved one who deserves to be heard
  • Try something different from or in addition to therapy- no diagnoses, no treatment plans, no pressure

Meet Kate, your professional listener

Since I was a little kid, people have told me that I’m easy to talk to. I’ve noticed that just by offering my calm presence, people seem to open up to me about things they don’t feel comfortable sharing with other people. It fills me up to share a moment of connection with a stranger. I’m continually amazed at the way that no one is quite as they seem on the surface, and yet we are all connected by universal fears, doubts, joys, and dreams.

In my work life, I’ve had a lot of practice sitting with people through hardship and ambiguity. I’ve worked as a case manager, a teacher, a public health worker, a home visitor, a bra-fitter (people really open up when you’re talking about “support” in the dressing room, let me tell you), even a salmon habitat surveyor in the middle of nowhere (talk about lonely). Not much fazes me, and I can appreciate how wide a range is encompassed in the human experience.

As your professional listener, I’ve completed several courses in active listening, shame, and more as a helping professional. I am currently completing a graduate degree in psychology, which gives me a good foundation from which to appreciate the human experience. You can trust me to sit calmly with you through the storms, the hard stuff, and the happy stuff too. Think of me like a lighthouse.



Professional listening, counseling, coaching, elder care, consulting, non-clinical

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