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Jewelry Artist : Wedding Ring Architect

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LOLiDE is an alternative wedding jewelry designer based in Seattle, WA. Specializing in gender-neutral rings that speak to all couples, this jeweler makes bespoke engagement and wedding bands that are bold and beautiful. Owner LL Devine believes that no one should be limited by the gender binary in their jewelry choices, and that many wedding ring traditions are outdated. LL therefore crafts statement rings that can be worn by anyone, and which reflect the unique personalities and bond of each couple.

LL draws on a background in printmaking and a love of architecture to create these sculptures for the fingers. All rings are made from components sourced in the United States and are hand-crafted in Seattle. LL is committed to the values of ethical jewelry-making, and therefore primarily uses lab-grown diamonds. Not only does this ensure that the stones are conflict-free, but it guarantees exceptional quality, durability, and luster. In most cases, bands are made from 100% recycled materials to contribute to the movement towards sustainability.

LOLiDE rings come in a variety of styles and can be custom made for each couple or individual. Custom rings or ring sets reflect LL’s interest in the intersections of light and dark, industrial and natural, and order and chaos. This jeweler will also make sure that your personalized rings speak not just to you and your partner’s personal aesthetics but your values as well.


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