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Can your beef do this?! The founders of Omnivore Meats, Gabriella St.George and Walker Alvey, make local, grass-fed and finished beef even more sustainable and nutritious by blending it with whole vegetables. In response to the rising demand for beef alternatives, they created a product in between 100% beef and 100% plant-based for those who are looking to reduce their meat consumption and eat healthier and more sustainably at the same time. Using their backgrounds in food systems and sustainability, Omnivore Meats created a simple and more mindful way to eat meat without losing the flavor and texture we love, with the added nutrition from whole unprocessed vegetables that too often fail to make it onto our plates.

Omnivore Meats contains no major allergens, no artificial ingredients or flavors, is non-GMO and contains no added protein isolates. Their ingredients are simple: beef, cabbage, carrots, lentils, butternut squash, and jasmine tea extract.

You can find them online at where they ship nationwide and are available in select retail stores in Washington state.


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