The Solo Female Traveler Network

Community and Meetup Tours for solo female travelers.

The Good Stuff

Ethical Sourcing
Circular Economy
Community Giving

The Solo Female Traveler Network is an online home and community for women to find connection, support, and inspiration. Created by and for solo female travelers, it offers women a place to learn important travel skills, find support in times of triumph and of trouble, and connect with a network of peers.

We sell organized tours to destinations perceived as less safe for women and host a global community both on and off Facebook for all female travelers around the world.

Additional Locations

We do not have a store-front. We are a global company with a 500k FB group and community selling to women around the world. I know our business is not as local to Seattle as maybe this community was meant for. But both my operations manager and I live in Seattle. I am more than happy to give my time and experience in marketing and community building to anyone who needs it. I also dream of owning a gift shop focusing on feminist products.


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