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The WMarketplace is an e-commerce platform designed for women-owned and gender balanced businesses.  Our goal is to increase gender parity and eliminate the gender gap by supporting the economic growth and well-being of all women.  We provide a single source for consumers to shop their values by supporting women in all areas of business, from jewelry makers to tax advisors, clothing designers to consultants, chocolate makers to caterers, authors to attorneys.

We facilitate direct sales between consumers and women-owned and gender-balanced businesses in a variety of categories, including clothing, health & beauty, food & beverage, home goods, media, and more.  Women professional service providers, including attorneys, consultants, web design and development experts, and financial service specialists are also able to list on The WMarketplace, providing a single source for consumers to shop their values.  Additionally, non-profit organizations and associations conducting critical work to support gender parity are listed free of charge on The WMarketplace, enabling them to connect with consumers to share their missions and communications.  We are the Economic Engine for Women and we hope you join us!


consumer goods, health and beauty, clothing and jewelry, professional services, consulting, coaching, food and beverages, web design, retail

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