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Hi there! My name is Valerie, and I’m an adventure elopement and intimate wedding photographer based in Seattle, Washington, and available worldwide.

For me, elopement photography is more than just snapping pictures – it’s about embracing authenticity and living life on your own terms. I believe in helping couples craft a day that speaks to their souls, free from outside pressures and full of genuine connection. My mission is to be a beacon for those who dare to forge their own path and choose the intimacy of elopement over a grand traditional wedding.

The work I do goes beyond capturing stunning images, I’m here to guide my couples every step of the way:

  • From planning the perfect adventure elopement or intimate wedding
  • To scouting out dreamy locations and handling permit applications
  • To recommending local vendors and adding fun activities to your day
  • To creating a seamless timeline and fostering a relaxed atmosphere on your Big Day
  • And yes, even officiating ceremonies (I’m ordained!)

Additional Locations

1185 NE Lilac Street


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