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The Seattle Good Directory provides you with a great tool to showcase all the GOOD that your company or organization does for Seattle and our communities. Simple and easy to use, our site is a friendly place to gain new customers or followers and network with other local, independent businesses.

Imagine the possibilities if thousands of awesome local independent businesses and organizations in our region were connected to each other and to the public, sharing their stories, and operating more sustainably for people, profit, and planet!

Who's it for?

If your business or organization:

  • is part of the local economy
  • wants to be recognized for all the GOOD you’re doing
  • would like to be searchable by people looking for GOOD local businesses
  • needs resources to further your GOOD practices
  • would like to connect with other like-minded businesses, people, and orgs, then Seattle Good is for you!

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Decide which Seattle Good membership—Sustaining Partner, Champion for Good, or Member for Good—is right for you!


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