We are Seattle Good Business Network, a local nonprofit working to create experiences for students like you, to help you explore new things, gain new skills and experiences, and more! We want to make sure the tours you are about to experience with us is tailored to be as enjoyable and meaningful as possible. In order to do that, we need your help in learning a little bit about you, before the tour - we would also love to gather feedback after the tour - so please keep an eye out from a follow-up feedback form your tour host, teacher, chaperone, or other:)

  • If you are, let us know what your business would be, or what product you would make, and why!
    Job Shadowing is where students can "shadow" a maker or entrepreneur of their choice to live an hour, or a day as they do. As a job shadow, you get to see behind the scenes of what a normal day looks like for a Seattle Made member of your choice!