EnviroStars recognizes Washington businesses that are taking action to protect employee health, the community, and the environment. This statewide program supports businesses in going green with free resources, tools, and rebates.

Find new ways for your business to go green to save money, protect the environment and attract new customers!

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Local businesses share their EnviroStars Experience

“I would like to thank EnviroStars for pushing this initiative forward – it’s a very valuable program. Green actions help the environment, they’re better for us as a community, and they still allow us to operate much as we have. That’s the most telling benefit.”
Sean Hartley
Operations Director, Tom Douglas Restaurants
“We’re doing the right things by the community and the environment, and getting that recognition and seal from EnviroStars is an important step. We’ve long recognized that restaurants are huge users of resources and not very environmentally friendly. We have the power and responsibility to make a difference and it’s the right thing to do.”
Bret Chatalas
Owner, Cactus Restaurants
“Thanks to EnviroStars for supporting and promoting people trying to do the right thing. Having that certification shows people we’re concerned about the environment.”
Art Stone
Owner, Honest Biscuits
“EnviroStars helped me train my staff and get started with composting at my restaurant. It’s important for everybody to pitch in.”
Mai Truong
Owner, Billiard Hoang
"EnviroStars helps small businesses get started and make a plan for long-term improvement"
Sara Nelson

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Quick Tip Resources for Restaurants!

EnviroStars provides FREE assistance, rebates, and resources to help businesses go green – like these top 5 tips for restaurants. Whether you’re a seasoned sustainability veteran or daunted by where to begin, these five tips from EnviroStars will help you protect your staff, your customers, your bottom line and, of course, the environment.

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