Our Sustainability Vision

We envision a robust and equitable Circular Economy that goes beyond closed-loop solutions for materials. 

A statewide web of local circular economies that weaves innovation and best practices to support resilient communities and workforce, the built and natural environment, vibrant local economies, and connected industries.

Seattle Good Business Network and its comprehensive programming is a cluster strategy working at the intersection of industry engagement, advocacy, and community-driven initiatives.

Through our Circular Economy programming, we work to strengthen interagency collaboration and de-silo efforts across the region to help build closed-loop systems and material supply chains.

Explore free tools, technical assistance, resources, events, and programs.

Join us in strengthen Washington’s transition from a linear, extractive economy, to a more resilient and regenerative one through strategies that center waste prevention, reuse, and repair.

Current Projects

Circular Business Support Project Development

In 2021, Seattle Good Business Network, in partnership with Circular by Design, was awarded a Seattle Public Utilities’ Waste-Free Matching Communities Grant.

Through this partnership, we are conducting research to support the growth of the circular economy among Washington’s small businesses and identify key areas that stand in the way of accessible circularity.

This work expands upon WA Materials Marketplace initiative, and expanding upon our pilot program that provides BIPOC- and women-owned businesses 1:1 circular business support. This includes design services and other resources to start or scale a business’s transition to zero waste using circular economy design tools and tactics.

Project Phases

  • Opportunities for emergent and regenerative circular economy models addressing:
    • Equity with a focus on BIPOC-owned businesses
    • Business & workforce development and innovation
    • Inclusive economic development
  • We need to create equitable pathways to access the opportunities presented by the circular economy for our small and overburdened business communities.

This work is funded by Seattle Public Utilities’ Waste-Free Communities Grant.

Please stay tuned as we release updates in the new year about this work! Have questions or would like to get involved or partner? Reach out to gro.doogelttaes@yendys or moc.ngised-yb-ralucric@hsonheb

The WA Materials Marketplace

Seattle Good Business Network, in partnership with the City of Tacoma and the United States Business Council for Sustainable Development (USBCSD), officially launched the Washington Materials Marketplace in June 2021.

This online platform aims to create a closed-loop, collaborative network of businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs where hard-to-recycle waste and by-products become another organization’s raw material. This new online tool is available at NO COST to any company or organization in Washington. In addition to diverting waste from the landfill, these recovery activities will generate cost and energy savings, reduce carbon emissions and create new jobs and business opportunities in Washington.

If you’re a business or advocate, interested in exploring new opportunities to transform waste materials into new products or to secure recycled material streams and reduce use of virgin feedstock, request an invitation to create an account here!

In 2020, the Port of Seattle awarded the nonprofit organization, Seattle Good Business Network (and its program Seattle Made that supports over 700 urban manufacturers), a seed grant to develop and pilot such an online platform to facilitate business-to-business material transactions of various “waste” products that could be used as material inputs for other end markets. Over a period of nine months, working with a Steering Committee comprised of public and private-sector stakeholders,1  and facilitated by Circular by Design, we have established a beta platform, tracked and facilitated materials exchanged, and identified partners and program elements essential to larger-scale efficiencies that would offer a boon to regional economic development, solve persistent material ‘waste’ stream problems, and help meet our regional equity and climate goals. 

Over the course of this development period, the Committee determined that pursuing a partnership with the United States Business Council for Sustainable Development would accelerate our progress towards a highly functional and scalable online marketplace, which would anchor an ecosystem to include wrap-around advisory services and offline materials-exchange facilitation.

Innovation Challenges



In June 2021, Seattle Good Business Network in partnership with Seattle Office of Economic Development and with funding from the WA Department of Ecology, hosted our inaugural Circular Innovation Challenge, with over 230 attendees and an outstanding performance from our Challenge Finalists, guest speakers, and live musicians.

With partial funding from the WA State Department of Ecology in 2022, we partnered with Zero Waste Washington to host the first-ever PreCycle Innovation Challenge. The competition is open to individuals and teams who seek to innovate the technologies and practices of the growing circular economy. The program includes 5-weeks of coaching, mentorship, workshops, and more to help teams prepare for the live pitch event.

The PreCycle Innovation Challenge will return in 2023. Learn more at precyclewa.org!


The WA Circular Innovators Network

Seattle Good Business Network is thrilled to host the WA Circular Innovators Network – an online convening platform for innovators, entrepreneurs, and businesses with Circular Economy principles (zero waste, environmental justice, waste prevention, etc.) at the forefront of their work. 

The platform offers a space for individuals to connect with industry stakeholders, innovators, and practitioners to share relevant resources and opportunities within our growing regional circular economy.

If you are interested in sharing a community to support your goals around waste prevention (e.g., reuse, upcycling, repair, etc.) and hold an enthusiasm for interagency collaboration, resource sharing, and networking, then join our platform!

Know of other individuals or businesses who would add to or benefit from being in this community? Request to join by emailing gro.doogelttaes@yendys!

Defining the Circular Economy

A Circular Economy aims to redefine the way we live, work, and do business. It changes our extractive “take, use, and throw away” model, to a more environmentally and socially regenerative one.

Use this interactive map to learn more and find resources!

Thank You to Our Circular Economy Sponsors and Partners