Seattle Good Business Network works to educate, connect, and innovate with local communities, businesses, and public and private entities to co-develop initiatives and provide resources that help our businesses and communities live in a safer, healthier environment. Our sustainability work is guided by models and values depicted by a circular economy as we work to strengthen Seattle’s transition to a circular economy.


Through events and education, we help communities see the impact their choices can have on the environment, from supporting local businesses and more.


We provide updated resources on our resource page that help businesses find the tools they need to be as sustainable/ circular as possible. We also work to raise awareness of industry needs and challenges through workshop events to inform ours and others' initiatives.


Through supporting programs like EnviroStars and building resources like the Materials Marketplace, we work to respond to needs expressed by our business communities to find solutions to help their transition to circularity and sustainability practices.

Circular Economy

A Circular Economy aims to redefine the way we live, work, and do business. It changes our extractive “take, use, and throw away” model, to a more environmentally and socially regenerative one.

Our Circular Initiatives

Seattle Good Business Network works to build a more ‘circular Seattle’ by helping to de-silo community stakeholders and organizations by making connections where they matter, and closing the loops.

Materials Marketplace for Seattle

Seattle Good Business Network has been working to develop a materials marketplace, a technology platform to facilitate and support local industrial symbiosis. Industrial Symbiosis is a form of brokering to bring companies together in innovative collaborations and finding ways to use the waste from one, as raw materials for another. 

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Explore the Circular Economy

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Explore Seattle’s Circular Economy