Upcyclers and Zero Waste Practitioners

Below you’ll find a list of upcyclers and zero waste practitioners that are a part of the Seattle Good Business Network. This page is meant to bring awareness to the shared values of these local businesses, spread their story, and create a stronger community around circular economy principles. 

This project is led by the Seattle Made Youth Board. Check out their other page featuring where to shop sustainably here!

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What is upcycling?

Upcycling is the practice of reusing once discarded or non-virgin materials to create a “new” product. This practice is employed by all of the businesses listed here as part of their business model, or value in supporting a more circular and environmentally sustainable economy.

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Kimmi Designs

Kimmi Designs specializes in creating gorgeous wedding dresses out of vintage & recycled laces.


NUBE9 takes material from plastic bottles and turns them into artistically designed activewear.

Vintage Creations

Vintage Creations uses recycled & repurposed fabrics and cashmere to create all new luxury clothing.

Bootyland Kids

Bootyland Kids not only upcycle fabrics to create clothing for the whole family, but they also offer products for zero-waste kitchens.


Aide-mémoire Jewelry

Aide-mémoire Jewelry upcycles precious stones to create their ethical and eco-friendly pieces.

Everling Jewelry

Everling Jewelry uses recycled metals and repurposed diamonds, as well as finding existing old jewelry and giving them a new life.


Fancy creates stunningly unique pieces out of recycled metals, repurposed stones, and vintage jewelry.

Grace Gow

Grace Gow finds unique beach artifacts and combines them with recycled metals to create city and ocean inspired fine jewelry.


Lolide uses recycled metals to create modern and polished wedding rings and jewelry.

Sarah Hood Jewelry

Sarah Hood Jewelry designs artistic and nature-inspired pieces out of recycled metals.

Shirlee Grund Jewelry

Shirlee Grund's Lichen & Lychee jewerly line utilizes recycled precious metals and diamonds in her handcrafted minimalist designs.

Valerie Madison Fine Jewelry

Valerie Madison Jewelry sources recycled metals and diamonds in her one-of-a-kind engagement rings and jewelry.

Wendy Woldenberg Jewelry Design

Wendy Woldenberg Jewelry prides themselves in recycled metals as well as incorporating heirloom gems and found objects into their nature inspired pieces.

Curveball Keepsakes

Curveball Keepsakes deconstructs used baseballs and turns the raw materials into one-of-a-kind keepsake jewelry and accessories.

Arcana Metalwork

Arcana Metalwork uses recycled metals in her handcrafted Victorian meets Steampunk inspired jewelry.


Alchemy Goods

Alchemy Goods are makers of fine wallets, bags, and belts from bike tubes and advertising banners.

Barkley Sound Bags

Barkley Sound repurposes old sailboat and windsurfer sails into a variety of duffles, totes, and tool bags.


Haiku's variety of durable minimalist bags are fashioned from recycled plastic bottles.

Metamorphic Gear

Metamorphic Gear takes sailing material, tarp, and rope and turns them into practical totes and purses.

Refugee Artisan Initiative

Refugee Artisan Initiative prides themselves in using repurposed fabric in their variety of products, including face masks and jewelry.

Crystalyn Kae Accessories

Crystalyn Kae Accessories reclaims vintage fabrics and leather to create beautiful totes and wallets.


Kate Grenier Designs

Kate Grenier Designs's cute and quirky magnets are made out of recycled bottle caps.

Orange Twist

Orange Twist uses 100% recycled paper for their screenprinted card designs and reuses supplies and packing materials.

Paper Butterfly Forge

Paper Butterfly Forge takes old books and gives them a new life as reimagined notebooks and journals.

Home & Furniture

Uphill Designs Co.

Uphill Designs Co. upcycles leather goods to create their classy-meets-rugged home goods and accessories.

Food & Beverage

Seattle Elderberry

Seattle Elderberry takes pride in their elderberry syrups, with composting/recycling throughout production allowing for a zero-waste product.

Bucha Belly

Bucha Belly delivers fresh kombucha to customers' doorsteps, swapping empty bottles for fresh ones in order to maintain a zero-waste practice.