Seattle Good Business Network’s youth programming helps to connect Seattle youth, from all backgrounds and levels of experience, to meaningful learning, career, and leadership opportunities. Are you a Seattle Good Business Network member (SG Directory, Seattle Made, NW Sewn, etc.)? Find out how you can engage youth here!


Each year, we help hundreds of youth explore local businesses and manufacturing spaces to meet and learn from entrepreneurs who have made their passion into a successful business. 

Seattle made

Our Seattle Made Youth Board strengthens the voice of youth in Seattle’s emerging conversation about urban manufacturing, sustainability, and the future of our city’s economy.


We help connect local youth to internship and apprenticeship opportunities. Check out the positions being offered currently by our network members from Seattle Good Directory, Seattle Made, and more!

Youth Tours

We coordinate tours for youth groups (ages 13+) where we explore one, or several local businesses and/or production spaces. You can request to visit a mix of industries and business types.

You may think of assembly lines or dirty factories when you think of urban manufacturing, but it is so much more! On a youth tour you get to see first hand, how people make everything from chocolate to cheese, from glass art to skateboards, and everything in between, right here in Seattle! Check out some of our past and current tour hosts below! The list is always growing!

On each tour, we provide youth with resources and opportunities that they can look into if they are interested in internships, job shadowing, classes, and more. 

We do not provide transit for tour groups. Tour groups typically rent vans, or buses for their groups, but if you are unable to, we can help coordinate a public transit route. 

Translation services, and other required needs may be requested on the sign up form below.

Have you already been on a tour? Make sure to give us your feedback to help us improve future experiences!

2018 Seattle Made Week Youth Tours – Created by City of Seattle Office of Economic Development intern, Juliette Green​

Seattle Made Youth Board

Seattle Made is a program of Seattle Good Business Network. The Seattle Made Youth Board works to strengthen the voice of local youth in Seattle’s emerging conversation about urban manufacturing, sustainability, and the future of our city’s economy. 

The Seattle Made Youth Board (SMYB) is comprised of up to 9 local youth (ages 14-21), who are keen to learn about the role of the local economy in building more equitable communities and a healthier environment. Board members work creatively and collaboratively to build public awareness campaigns on issues that impact our city, ranging from the local food economy, slow fashion, urban sustainability, and more. Board members also help to inform our overall youth programming design and materials.

The Seattle Made Youth Board’s (SMYB) Advisory Committee are a group of local professionals and community leaders who are committed to supporting the board throughout their group projects, individual tasks, and personal/professional development. Advisory committee members also assist the youth program manager in strategizing and executing the quarterly in-person meetings. 

The Seattle Made Youth Board aims provide relevant and equitable opportunities for young people of color and LGBTQIA youth, and are looking to provide the support of an advisory committee that is equally representative, and highly recommend women of color, POC, and LGBTQIA folks to apply.

Are you interested in being an Advisory Committee member to help guide and mentor the SMYB? Email gro.doogelttaes@ocin for more information!

Youth Internships

We help connect local youth to learning opportunities with local businesses, producers, and organizations.

  • Meet local businesses and entrepreneurs who are creators from any industry!
  • Gain technical and entrepreneurial skills that will give you unparalleled learning opportunities and work experience.
  • Be the next powerhouse of Seattle’s local economy and business world!

Have you been and intern, or hosted one?  Make sure to give us your feedback on the forms below, to help us improve future experiences!

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**These opportunities are for Seattle Good Business Network members: Seattle Made, Seattle Good Directory, and NW Sewn. Contact us to learn more about our programs.**

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MAKERS IN SCHOOLS: Visit A Classroom!

Can’t host a tour? Visit youth for one class period to show and teach them about your work, profession, and potential career paths that exist in your field!


Host an intern, or apprenticeship

Have an amazing learning opportunity for youth? Post your internship or apprenticeship position here! Find out how you can provide youth with their first real-world experience as a local business/organization.