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Flavor Adventures for Every Cook is our motto. Whether you’re a curious beginner or an award-winning chef, our spice blends and recipes will help you make delectable, healthy dishes. Founded in West Seattle in 2013, we pride ourselves on crafting fresh blends that use spices and herbs that are good for people and the planet. We believe that food is a community and cultural bridge-builder, so we share what we have learned about cuisines of the world, in hopes that people will feed themselves, their friends and loved ones, and maybe a few strangers, in the spirit of sharing and adventure.

With a combination of a few simple, fresh ingredients and the right spices, anyone – even a cook with basic skills – can make a delicious, satisfying, and nutritious meal.  And can do so in a short period of time.  To facilitate this, The Kitchen Imp sells bright, organic spice blends and provides recipes for delectable meals that anyone can create.


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