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We help Seattle’s young adults from low-income backgrounds transform into entrepreneurs.

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We learned that  the “carrot” of entrepreneurship has the ability to transform lives. By creating a personal mission – to build a successful business of their own – participants could find a path to self-sustainability, with demonstrable incremental steps to bring them into the middle class.

To achieve that dream, participants need the wind at their backs to compete with those who have grown up with privileges that many business owners take for granted: business-minded role models, education, life stability, financial safety nets to support risk taking, mentors and much more. The Carrot model is based around providing these supports to level the playing field.

We have found many small business owners and leaders are eager to give back to their community, and supporting these young entrepreneurs as teachers, mentors and coaches, as well as sponsoring their participation in the Community Carrot program, is a powerful, personal and impactful way to support individuals, communities and the small business ecosystem of our city.


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