Our Sustainability Vision

We envision a robust and equitable Circular Economy that goes beyond closed-loop solutions for materials. 

A statewide web of local circular economies that weaves innovation and best practices to support resilient communities and workforce, the built and natural environment, vibrant local economies, and connected industries.

Seattle Good Business Network and its comprehensive programming is a cluster strategy working at the intersection of industry engagement, advocacy, and community-driven initiatives.

Through our Circular Economy programming, we work to strengthen interagency collaboration and de-silo efforts across the region to help build closed-loop systems and material supply chains.

Explore free tools, technical assistance, resources, events, and programs.

Join us in strengthen Washington’s transition from a linear, extractive economy, to a more resilient and regenerative one through strategies that center waste prevention, reuse, and repair.

Defining the Circular Economy

A Circular Economy aims to redefine the way we live, work, and do business. It changes our extractive “take, use, and throw away” model, to a more environmentally and socially regenerative one.

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Thank You to Our Circular Economy Sponsors and Partners